KDP & You

By Charlie Liebert.  

Charlie Liebert will be leading an LCW workshop on July 17 to show step by step how to get your book published on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) as both paperback and eBook.  If you do it yourself there is NO cost.  Charlie has assisted seven other authors publish on Kindle for a total cost to them of less than $1,000.   In addition to “how to” publish he’ll cover book cost, profit margin, and Amazon’s new writing system call Vella. 

I (Charlie) became a Christian at 35 after being a “hard-core” atheist for more than 15 years.   My conversion was sudden, dramatic, and unexpected and I have shared it in Christian schools, churches, civic clubs, Bible studies, CBMC, etc. For more details read my biography and/or my testimony.  I’ve taught Christian evangelism in many churches, schools, and secular groups based on my book: “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” 

Charlie began his career as an author in 2012 and published the first book in 2015.  By early 2021 he authored and published sixteen paperbacks and eighteen eBooks. In addition, he’s helped seven other authors publish seven Paperbacks and four eBooks. Other Author Books  All books were published using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and are sold as paperbacks on Amazon.com or as Kindle eBooks and are published in four genres:

  • Five books, in Christian Apologetics plus 2 study guides (seven in total),
  • 2) Two books, in Christian Education,
  • 3) Three books, in General Fiction (one novel and two short stories),
  • 4) Four books, in Creative Historical Non-Fiction of Liebert family history from 1898  to 1950.
  • (Two are eBooks only because of their short length).  My novel, “Yellowstone’s Child” is available as an audiobook on both Amazon and Audible. 
  • A Screenplay version will be published in 2021 with the aid of Debi McBride.   

Here are Charlie’s books on display in 2018 at a library book fair.

Web site http://www.sixdaycreation.com  email charlie@sixdaycreation.com 

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