Join us on 9/18 for Lisa Erics


Lisa’s workshop shows the power of poetry to transform society, particularly when placed in the hands of our great God. Fiction and non-fiction writers will benefit as Lisa also shares strategies to apply poetic techniques to prose, regardless of genre. Boost your ability to create vivid mental images and make lasting impressions in your writing.

About Lisa

Lisa Lynn Ericson is a multilingual nonfiction writer and poet, reaching a wide audience locally and globally. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, she has lived in Lancaster County for 19 years, working at Sight & Sound Theatres, where she is Technical Writer and Research Specialist. While educated as a historian, she maintains an incessant curiosity for fresh terrain. Lisa has released three books in 2021, two of which are poetry collections.

Vibrant Simplicity is a book of 137 poems in English, published by Book Villages, tracing 30 years of Lisa’s life, from challenge to courage, with an undercurrent of eternal hope in God. Simplicidade Vibrante: Pensamentos Poéticos de um Fado Feliz, published by Helvetia Éditions, is a book of 149 poems in Portuguese, which carries the theme of traditional Portuguese “fado” music and is an entirely different collection than her English poetry (not a translation). Cease Fire: The Story of a Sniper Who Found Life, published by Book Villages, is the true survival story of an Iraqi sniper who served the U.S. military during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a dramatic and inspirational adventure. In 2018, she also released Against All Odds: An Incredible Journey of Hope and Healing, the true survival story of a woman whose life took a horrible turn and was saved by God’s miraculous touch.

Check out Lisa’s website here

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