Change to LCW structure

Dear friends, 
I hope this email finds you well and enjoying a wonderful summer. As I juggle multiple writing and personal commitments, I find it necessary to make the following changes to LCW’s structure. 

  • Retirement of Monthly Meetings

    Effective immediately, our meetings will be cancelled, including LCW Men’s Group. Moving forward, LCW will focus exclusively on our annual writers conference and a Fall Christian Book/Craft sale. Please see the  LancoExpo  event that I organized in 2019 to get an idea of the scope.
  • Access to Recordings:
    Access to recordings of past monthly meetings (2021 & 2022) will be available for free on our website.

    Recordings of LCW conference workshops will be available for purchase on our LCW store

Our annual writers conference will remain in April, so please stay tuned for further information. Also, as plans for a book/craft sale become solidified, I will share that information. 

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate life’s many demands.

JP Robinson,
LCW President

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