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LCWC 2021 Workshop Recordings


Using the metaphor of artwork, Hallee deftly teaches authors how to build multi-layered characters and plot that will appeal to readers.


Hannah Conway

See how God has moved in your life and is still moving. Perhaps these plot-lines might end up in your next story.


Ask the Agent: Chip MacGregor

What does an agent do? What does an agent NOT do? And do I really need an agent in this era of indie publishing?


Diversity in Writing: Edwina Perkins

This session will offer strategies to diversify your writing and use sensitivity readers effectively.


Turn Your Writing Into A Business: JP Robinson

This hands-on workshop presents free to affordable strategies that will help you market to your full potential while reducing your stress load.


Win at Ghost/Collaborative Writing: Shawn Smucker

Looking for other ways to make money as a writer? Collaborative writing (ghostwriting and co-writing) might be exactly what you’re looking for.


It’s Show Time! :Tim Shoemaker

The more you learn to show your story instead of just telling it, the stronger your manuscript will be. Exactly how do you do that? I won’t just tell you, I’ll show you!


Deepening Your POV : Tim Shoemaker

Point-of-View—used right—is a tool to make your writing more real and powerful. We’ll look at a balanced view of deep POV… and show you how to strengthen your writing in the process.


Romancing the Manuscript: Sara Turnquist

This class will give you a strong foundation in understanding the Romance genre and it’s conventions and rules.


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