Meeting Recordings

LCW Meeting Recordings

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2022 Recordings

March 2022: Audio only. Shawn Smucker: Add Depth to Your Writing

Shawn Smucker

January 2022: Guest Speaker Sara Turnquist. Blog Tours: To Do or Not to Do?

Guest speaker Sara Turnquist introduces blog tours as a marketing tool and goes into the pros and cons of blog tours while sharing strategies to make them effective. Connect with Sara on her website:

LCW Recordings

These recordings are protected copyrighted content and are used by LCW with the permission of the presenters. They may not be duplicated, in part or in whole, or shared with non-LCW members.

January 2021|Choosing the Right Project

Devotions leader: Donna Smith
Presenter: JP Robinson

It’s a new year. Are you intrigued by a possible writing piece but aren’t sure  if  it’s a good fit or if it is worth your time? Do you need writing ideas? Do you want to earn money writing but aren’t sure if your possible project will pay?

Join JP Robinson as he identifies three key ways to choose the right project in our January meeting. 

NOTE: The first 30 seconds of the recording are blank.

March 2021

March 2021 |How to succeed on any Social Media platform

Devotions leader: Jim Wall
Presenter: Rachel Schmoyer

Tik-tok. Instagram Reels. Facebook. Clubhouse. Twitter. Pinterest. Social media is EVERYWHERE.

Learn how to use the power of the internet to your advantage as Rachel shares the latest developments as well as best practices. Also, check out Rachel’s supplementary guest blog post: How to be successful on ANY social media platform on the LCW website.

May 2021

May 2021 |Beyond the Book Signing

Devotions leader: Amber Robinson
Presenter: Annette Whipple

Veteran author Annette Whipple shares unique tips and tricks for connecting at readers beyond book signings. Her strategies can be implemented online and in person.

July 2021

July 2021 | Conquer KDP with Charlie Liebert

Presenter: Charlie Liebert

Author Charlie LIebert walks us through setting up a title on KDP and introduces Vella, a new platform from Kindle Direct Publishing.

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